Two Reasons to Consider Taking Out a Jewelry Insurance Policy in Monroe MI

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Insurance

Many people own valuable jewelry, but relatively few do everything possible to keep the associated investments safe. Taking out the right type of jewelry insurance policy in Monroe MI can be an effective way to account for possibilities that might otherwise be devastating. Local experts like those at the Insurance Center Of Monroe are always ready to help their clients obtain suitable coverage.

A Type of Coverage That Comes With Many Benefits

Most adult residents of Monroe are covered by homeowners or renters policies that provide set amounts of coverage for personal possessions. These general purpose policies frequently prove useful and worthwhile, but they are not meant to fully cover valuable items like jewelry.

Having an active jewelry insurance policy in Monroe MI will provide benefits of several kinds relative to relying upon a more general type of insurance. Some of the advantages that can come from taking out this typically affordable type of coverage include:

  • More comprehensive protection – The personal property coverage included many homeowners and renters policies is only meant to account for the average case. Owning even a single piece of especially valuable jewelry will often make it desirable to have more specialized coverage in place. A jewelry-specific insurance policy will typically cover eventualities like damage that a more general one might not. Even when a piece simply disappears, with the actual cause never being discovered, a jewelry insurance policy will generally include coverage.
  • Insulation from rate hikes – As many have discovered, actually making use of the coverage provided by homeowners or renters policies can be expensive. In many cases, a claim of any kind will lead to rate hikes and higher quotes from other providers. Having a specialized jewelry policy active will mean not needing to worry about homeowners insurance rates suddenly skyrocketing because of that type of claim. Some jewelry insurance polices even include guarantees that rule out rate increases of their own.

Owning and Wearing Jewelry With Confidence

Benefits like these can easily make obtaining jewelry insurance worthwhile. Having specialized coverage of an appropriate level active will make it possible to enjoy jewelry with more peace of mind. That will almost always make up for whatever the coverage might cost.

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