Solutions For A Lower Rate

by | May 28, 2019 | Loans

When you’re buying a car, you might think that the only thing you need to worry about is the down payment and the monthly payment that you need to make. The interest rate attached to the car is also important as this could result in higher payments or a longer term for paying for the vehicle. There are a few ways to get a lower car loan interest rate if you plan ahead.

Before you go to see the car dealer, you need to check your credit score. A good credit score will usually result in a lower car loan interest rate. If possible, try to make payments on some of the accounts that you have or even pay off some of the smaller accounts so that your score will increase. Look at multiple car dealerships instead of settling on one dealer just because you think that you won’t get approved for a car loan anywhere else. Consider applying for a loan through a bank instead of a finance company as the rates will usually be lower. A credit union is a good place to apply for a loan as well because the overall rates are lower for all types of loans.

Negotiate with the car dealer. Ask if you can pay a little more each month for a lower interest rate. Another option would be to try to purchase a new car instead of one that’s used. You’ll have a warranty on the vehicle, and a bank will usually be a bit more willing to finance a new car than a used one. This means that your interest rate will likely be lower based on the year and the mileage. Try to get pre-approved for the vehicle you’re looking at before you go to the dealer. This can prevent the dealer from trying to pressure you into accepting an offer that you might not be able to afford.

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