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by | May 10, 2019 | Auto Insurance

There are more than 15,000 automobile accidents every single day. These accidents cause hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages to property. These accidents also cause injuries and even deaths at shockingly high rates. Even the most careful of drivers are likely to get in a car accident at some point in their life. This is why Auto Insurance in Plans Spring TX is so important to help cover the costs of these accidents and the injuries they cause.

Liability Insurance

Most states require that drivers carry at least some level of liability insurance. This insurance provide coverage for accidents where the policy holder is at fault. This insurance will pay for the damages to the other person’s vehicle. Bodily Injury Liability insurance provides coverage for injuries that occur in that accident. Even if this was not a state requirement, this insurance can protect a driver from financial ruin due to the high costs even minor accidents can cause.

No Fault Coverage

This type of insurance is beneficial to every driver and their passengers. Unlike liability insurance that only pays the other vehicle’s injury costs, this covers the injury costs of the policy holder and the passengers of that vehicle, regardless of who was at fault. This helps ensure that a policy holder is protected and has the ability to seek the medical care they need without concern for costs.

Collision/Comprehensive Insurance

This type of Auto Insurance in Plans Spring TX provides additional benefits and protection for a policy holder’s vehicle. Collision coverage provides compensation to get the vehicle repaired or replaced for any type of collision, even if the policy holder is at fault. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for damage to a vehicle that is not due to a collision. This can include storm damage, theft, or vandalism.

Each person on the road should have some protection before they get behind the wheel. Insurance Offices Texas can provide an individualized policy that can meet the needs of almost any driver to ensure they are fully protected in any situation. Browse the website for more information or to receive a free quote on an auto insurance policy.

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