Three Tips for Getting an Affordable Rate of Illinois Auto Insurance

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Auto Insurance

Naturally, you want the best auto insurance rate you can find. Fortunately, there are tips you can follow to get an affordable auto insurance rate in Chicago. Check out three of those tips.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Maintaining a driving record free of speeding tickets, accidents and more contributes to your ability to get a low rate of Illinois auto insurance. Adhering to the speed limit, obeying traffic laws and parking in a safe way are ways to keep your driving record clean.

Drive a Vehicle With Standard Safety Features

Getting a vehicle with safety features contributes to a low rate of Illinois auto insurance. Some examples of safety features include airbags, seat belts, two side view mirrors and anti-lock brakes. Today, newer vehicles have even more safety features such as a rearview camera and lane change alert lights.

Practice Defensive Driving

When you practice defensive driving habits, you’re decreasing the chances you’ll end up in an accident. One example of defensive driving is pausing three to four additional seconds at a four-way stop after the stoplight turns green. If it’s a busy four-way stop, there’s a good chance some drivers will try to rush through the yellow light before it turns red. Unfortunately, the driver may end up running the red light and putting other drivers at risk. In short, a defensive driver anticipates the mistakes other drivers are likely to make. As a note, taking a defensive driving class can help with your auto insurance rate.

Lastly, these are just three of the many tips that can get you a reasonable rate for auto insurance. Be sure to emphasize the importance of these things to the new teen drivers in your family as well.

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