How to Incorporate Your Small Business

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Tax Preparation Service

One of the most exciting endeavors an entrepreneur can undertake is deciding to start a small business. This is an excellent way to earn a living, and you will be making a positive contribution to your community. However, your work is not quite done when you open your doors. You also need to research how to incorporate your business in order to reap some substantial benefits.

How to Get Started

It is a fairly intricate process to get your company incorporated. Only one incorporator is needed to get started, so you do not need large team at the beginning to get started. First, you are going to have to file an application in the state your business is located in. Some information needs to be presented at this juncture. You need to provide the addresses and names of all the incorporators. You also need to state how much capital stock your business will be legally authorized to issue. Finally, you need to express what the purpose is for this intended incorporation.

How to Decide Which Business to Have

As you are figuring out how to incorporate, you also need to decide which type of incorporation is ideal for your business. There is more than one type of corporation you can make your business, and you need to weight the pros and cons of each one in order to benefit in the long run. You can turn your company into a general partnership, sole proprietorship, an LLC, a Subchapter S Corporation or a C Corporation. While some of these have some overlaps in terms of the benefits, you need to examine each one carefully.

How You Stand to Benefit

Some business owners wonder if incorporation is truly necessary. For a vast majority of cases, it is going to be in the owner’s best interest to incorporate a company. First, you, as the business owner, will be protected in the event your company ends up owing any debts. If you hope to take your business public in the near future, then getting incorporated as soon as possible will aid you in that endeavor. Ownership can easily be transferred with corporations, and they even qualify for certain tax benefits.

After you have incorporated, there are some rules your business will need to follow, but for the most part, you can continue operating just as you have before. A lot of paperwork is associated with incorporation, but once you figure out how to incorporate and all the steps to it, the process will fly by. For more information contact Uncle Phil’s Tax Advice at website. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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