Construction Insurance Quotes in Kansas City KS for Multiple Coverage Areas

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Insurance

The construction industry encompasses many trades and aspects, such as builders, contractors, trade specialists, plumbers, electricians, roofing companies, masonry, and concrete workers, among others. One business policy will not cover all the business needs, and each business will have variations of risk, needs, and budgets. An independent plumber, for example, will not have the same insurance needs as a major construction company. Selecting an independent insurance agency to help manage risks and find appropriate policies at the most cost-effective pricing is the first thing any business owner should do to protect the business.

Free Construction Insurance Quotes in Kansas City KS will help owners make informed decisions about types of coverage and coverage limits. A company vehicle that is only driver by the owner, for example, will not need excessive amounts of medical coverage per accident. The owner may wish to get a lower premium by selecting a higher deductible. Knowing the difference in coverage and premium price dictates the final decision. A company that has a liability policy with higher than standard limits may decide not to add an umbrella policy. An independent agency is beneficial to the process because all carriers can be considered instead of one or two underwriting companies.

Multiple coverage areas include commercial auto and equipment insurance, surety needs, workers compensation, builders risk, installation floaters, and umbrella policies. There are also policies that cover employee dishonesty and crime, equipment breakdown, and major accidents. Environmental, mold, and pollution policies, for example, are essential for companies that specialize in new construction, refurbishing properties, or construction of factories or processing plants. A policy is also available that covers explosion, rigging, underground collapses, and overload coverage.

Construction insurance quotes in Kansas City KS are also available for group captive insurance programs. That option is different than traditional insurance policies because the company is owned by those insured. Premiums tend to be approximately twenty-five percent lower, and there are other advantages as well. Premiums, for example, are based solely on claims history, and underwriting profits are returned to member owners instead of being kept by the insurance carrier. Inquire about that particular type of insurance when discussing possibilities with an agent.

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