What’s pre-settlement funding?

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Investment Education

Pre-settlement loans offer funds to a plaintiff in a suit before the case is, at last, resolved by a settlement or court decision. This money also can assist plaintiffs whose cases were resolved; however, have yet to get payments. The funds allow plaintiffs to cover medical bills, general living expenses, and additional immediate needs while waiting for a settlement. Pre-settlement funds aren’t loans. The funds are for purchasing of a portion of the recovery within a suit made to eligible plaintiffs. If a plaintiff loses her or his case, the portion of recovery that isn’t purchased doesn’t have to be transferred to us.

Kinds of cases qualified for pre-settlement funds

The most typical kinds of cases for plaintiffs who might be qualified for pre-settlement funding include:

*     Making Decisions
    Wrongful Death
    General Liability
*     Motor Vehicle Accidents
*     Medical Malpractice
*     Product Liability
*     Premises Liability
*     Personal Injury

We have a numerous pre-settlement funding choices for your needs. Smaller fund quantities require no case-associated paperwork and your lawyer may submit a simplified application. People who seek $5,000 or under may expect a quick application assessment and faster funding. Larger funding quantities are available of up to $750,000. Also, post-settlement funding is available.

While making a decision about who you should secure pre-settlement funds from, make certain that you ask questions like:

*     Does the business have great 3rd-party ratings?
*     How long have they been in pre-settlement funding?
    Does the month-to-month charge change over the funding’s term?
*     Is the month-to-month compounding charge competitive with additional businesses?
*     Are there hidden charged involved?

The settlement procedure may be hard to understand and take a little time to resolve. Pre-settlement funds may offer a bit of much-needed relief. Below are a few answers to typical questions which come up within the process of pre settlement Loans.

How long will the process take?

Once we’ve gotten your application, the process of funding typically takes from one to three business days.

Am I going to need an attorney?

Yes. You have to get a lawyer who represents your case. We’ll directly work with your lawyer to make sure that all documents are complete and funding is generated as rapidly as possible.

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