Understanding the SR-22 for Your Insurance Needs

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Insurance

One of the most common misconceptions that people have when they are first looking for SR-22 insurance services in Chicago is believing that SR-22 is a type of insurance. It’s not actually insurance. Instead, this refers to a form that is then filed with the state of Illinois, and it’s important to understand what this is and who will need to use it.

What Does the Certificate Do?

The certificate states that you are carrying at least the minimum amount of insurance required by the state, and the insurance company will guarantee that you are maintaining that coverage and that you remain financially responsible for any accidents that occur. If you fail to keep up with the coverage, the insurer will let the state know, which can result in penalties.

Who Needs to Have an SR-22 Certificate?

There are a number of reasons that an individual might need to have one of these certificates filed with the state. One of the most common, and the one that most people think about when they consider the certificate is for driving under the influence. While it is needed for those who have a history of DUI, it can also be required for a range of other bad behaviors behind the wheel. This includes reckless driving and driving with a suspended license, for example.

How Do You Get the Certificate?

To obtain SR-22 insurance services in Chicago, you will need to go through a car insurance company once you have bought a policy through them. In some cases, those who have an insurance policy already might be able to have the SR-22 added to their policy and then have it filed with the state. When you’re looking for an insurance company, and you need to have this certificate, you will want to make sure the companies you are considering will be able to provide it for you. Always be clear with the insurance companies from the beginning about what you’ll need.

If you need to have this type of coverage, you will want to talk with insurance companies about what you need to do, along with the cost of the type of coverage. In most cases, the certificate itself will be a one-time fee, and it won’t cost too much. However, having the certificate does mean that your auto insurance premium will likely be going up substantially because of the driving issues you’ve had. To learn more about SR-22 insurance services in Chicago, get in touch with an insurance agency that can help today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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