How Pre-Export Finance Can Boost Your Business

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Financial Services

New and growing businesses sometimes need to take risks in order to expand their companies and stay afloat in a competitive market. Only 5% of the world’s population resides in America, so there is a wealth of opportunity available on the international market. When it comes time to expand your business, or if you want to get a new exporting company off the ground with a great start, think about what pre-export finance can do for your business:

  • Boost your workforce. During your busy season, you may need more workers. Pre-export financing can make additional hiring easier for either permanent staff or an army of temps to meet seasonal demands. You can also use it to invest in your workforce with better equipment and machinery, more extensive training, and more-competitive compensation.
  • Restock quickly. If you want to be successful in exporting, you need to watch inventory levels carefully and maintain your supply chain. However, you can’t afford to pass up a huge order, even if it empties your warehouse. If buyers suddenly drain your stock, you can replenish your wares more quickly with the additional liquidity afforded by pre-export finance.
  • Tackle big orders. A buyer may suddenly make a larger purchase than usual, leaving you scrambling to fulfill it in a timely manner. Financing will allow you to meet sporadic bumps in demand more easily and quickly. You’ll never have to turn away or delay a sale because of a lack of inventory or operational power.
  • Offer attractive payment options. When you have more financial flexibility, you can be more lenient with buyers and offer more attractive buying options. This is great for young businesses that wish to expand rapidly and build a steady list of repeat clients.

Drake Finance has become a leader in pre-export finance and a host of other services for American exporters. Reach out today to learn more about how pre-export finance can offer the flexibility and confidence you need to grow your business.

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