Why Should You Sell a Judgment Lien On Real Property Fast?

by | May 11, 2018 | Financial Services

One of the things we’ve experienced countless times in our decades buying liens, lien property for sale, and judgment on a property, is that these legal situations can be held up for weeks, months, or even years with the right lawyer and set of circumstances. That leaves you, the person or entity that is owed money and who holds the lien, out a lot of money while you wait for the courts to clear this up. What avenues do homeowners or vehicle owners, or the owners of any real property, have to slow down the lien process?

Quiet Title Process

One of the first things that a real property owner can do is try to get a judge to rule that they don’t owe the debt. This is called getting a Quiet Title, and while it doesn’t happen often, it can happen. We’ve been buying real estate judgments and liens since 1986 here at Mayflower Judgments, and we’ve seen this happen more often than not. Even if the judge ultimately rules in your favor, during this process, the debtor is free from the obligation to pay.

Settling the Lien

Another thing that debtors can do in court is an attempt to settle the debt owed for less than the amount that they owe. This process goes through the courts, and again, the debtor can avoid having to pay anything while this process continues. Once again, a lawyer can drag this process out quite a lot with counter offers and so on. If the party is attempting to sell the real property that they own, the judge may have sympathy for them and pressure the debt owner to settle the debt.

Sell Your Lien Instead

One way that you can get every bit of what you are owed without sitting through months of court dates and stalling tactics is to sell the lien. Property for sale that has a lien on it can’t be sold until the lien is gone, but that doesn’t deter as many property owners as you’d think from taking their time. If you need the cash you are owed quickly, contact us to learn more. There are no lawyer fees because we’re not lawyers. No collection agencies, because we’re not a collections agency. We simply buy the lien from you, in full, for what you are owed. Contact us at 303-388-6666 to learn more.

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