What To Expect From Motorcycle Insurance In Cape Coral

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Insurance

In Florida, motorcycle riders need at least liability coverage to operate their motorcycles on roadways. Any owner who doesn’t purchase and maintain coverage faces penalties according to state laws. A local agency offers information about Motorcycle Insurance Cape Coral and what owners can expect from their policy.

Coverage for the Motorcycle

Motorcycle policies cover the motorcycle if it is damaged in an accident if the owner purchased a policy for the highest coverage level. With the highest coverage level, the owner receives repairs or a replacement depending on the outcome of the accident.

Coverage for Liabilities

Liability coverage pays for property damage and medical expenses for the victim if the motorcycle rider causes the accident. After an accident, the policyholder must contact their insurer and file a claim for coverage. All premiums must be paid on time to maintain coverage, and the owner won’t receive coverage if they allow their policy to lapse.

Understanding the Terms of the Policy

The terms of the policy dictate what is covered. Some restrictions apply to motorcycle riders and how they obtain coverage. For example, any rider who fails to wear a helmet or obey traffic laws could lose coverage due to their own actions. Some clauses in the policies explain limitations for coverage and deny claims if the owner is in violation of the terms. It is recommended that all policyholders evaluate the terms when buying a policy.

How to File an Insurance Claim

After an accident, the motorcycle owner contacts their insurer and explains what happened. An appointment with a claims adjuster is scheduled, and the adjuster arrives at the location of the motorcycle. An inspection is completed if the motorcycle is damaged. If another party’s property is damaged, the adjuster goes to their location to collect information and process the claim.

In Florida, all motorcycle riders must maintain at least liability coverage when riding on any roadways. Some discounts are available in the motorcycle is placed in a secured storage facility. Accident and personal injury coverage are available through most policies. Motorcycle riders who need more information about Motorcycle Insurance Cape Coral contact Lee County Insurance Agency for a quote now.

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