Typical Situations Where You Need to Register Your Vehicle in Illinois

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Financial Services

Getting a new car is an exciting event that can give you increased independence and accessibility to the world around you. Although you are ready to hit the road in your new vehicle, you must get a vehicle registration first. Each state has a requirement that this enrollment gets completed for every vehicle. If you allow the registration to lapse or forget to get it done, you could face steep penalties or vehicle impoundment. Here are situations when you need to register your vehicle or vehicle registration renewal in Illinois.

New Vehicles

When you purchase your vehicle through a dealership, they can usually handle your title and registration on your behalf. However, an independent dealer or private seller may not be capable of doing the same. In those situations, you would have to handle the registration on your own with documents like your driver’s license, proof of insurance, car title, and possibly more.

Moving Out of State

The information and fees that come with a vehicle registration must get handled within the new state that you reside. Unless you are a student or active in the military, you will have to update your information and status if you move from one state to the next. With vehicle registration renewal in Illinois, you could get a ticket or get charged a penalty if you have not remained current. You could even incur higher rates with your car insurance.

Handling your vehicle registration renewal in Illinois may appear like a nuisance, but achieving this on time could save you lots of money. Get it done today with West Suburban Currency Exchanges, Inc. online.

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