Tips for How to Use an ATM to Sell Bitcoin in Louisville, KY

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Financial Services

Individuals who want to sell their cryptocurrency for cash find that using an ATM to sell Bitcoin in Louisville, KY, is the easiest and fastest solution. The selling process is three steps and is 100% secure. Keep reading to learn more about selling Bitcoin using an ATM.

Select the Transaction Type

After one has found a Bitcoin ATM, walk up to the machine and select the “Withdraw Cash” option. Another screen will appear asking how much the person wants to withdraw. Most ATMs give the consumer a withdrawal range. For example, one might have the option to select $20-$750 or $3,000 – $9,000. Choose the appropriate range.

Enter One’s Phone Number

Most ATMs like RockitCoin Kiosks require one to use their phone number to confirm their identity and complete the transaction. After the phone number is entered, enter the PIN.

Scan the Digital Wallet

After entering the PIN, the next step is to select the exact withdrawal amount and scan the digital wallet on one’s phone. The amount is then transferred from one’s digital wallet. When the money is available for redemption, one will get a notification on their phone and can withdraw the money.

When using an ATM Bitcoin kiosk, make sure to always read the warnings before selling. Bitcoins can’t be used to pay utility bills, Airbnb transactions, or cash checks. These are scams. Don’t fall for them.

For more information about how to use an ATM kiosk to sell Bitcoin in Louisville, KY, check out RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM online at for detailed information.

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