The Benefits Of Having E-Liquid Insurance

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Financial Services

Vaping seems to be a trend that isn’t going away soon. Many manufacturers and retailers are getting on the bandwagon, hoping to give customers an alternative to cigarettes and boosting sales in the process. However, as with any product, insurance is essential, both for the device and the e-liquid used. Without such, you could be held responsible if someone becomes ill or tries to sue you.


What would happen if a customer purchased e-liquid for their e-cigarette, used it correctly, and became ill or was allergic to the ingredients? In most cases, you may think that it would be their fault, especially if they didn’t read the ingredients that were listed on the package. However, without insurance, you may still be accountable for their allergies.

Faulty Equipment

While most products come with a warranty or guarantee, what happens if the device is defective enough to cause injury or damage to property? You, as the manufacturer or retailer could be liable. E-liquid insurance can help protect you against equipment problems, as well as others.

Not Following Directions

Many people think they know what to do because they’ve done something similar or have seen it done. Therefore, they may not read the full instructions before using the item. Likewise, they may not heed warnings about ingesting the liquids, which could cause severe bodily harm or death. You want to ensure that you have coverage against a consumer’s ill-advised ideas or choices.

Health Hazard Exclusions

While many companies exclude health issues or limit coverage, some programs do not come with any exclusions. These policies are usually best because it doesn’t matter what happens to the consumer or what they try to claim. You will be covered and will not lose your licensure or business because of their claims.

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