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by | Sep 4, 2014 | Financial Services

You don’t need to be stuck in a classroom to get your continuing professional education (CPE). You have the focus, the intelligence and the independence to do your studying on your own. Whether it’s required by your state, your employer, or you just want to take CPE credits to help advance your standing in a competitive job market, self-study CPE is the smart choice for you. Taking self-study CPE courses with CPE Think will provide you with the educational materials and the CPE credits you need.

What CPE Think Has to Offer

The best place for self-study CPE is at our website, We’ve rendered the traditional classroom obsolete, offering excellent information and top-quality training modules that meet or exceed all state and industry standards. CPE Think is a company that was founded by professionals, to serve the very professions from which they come. Our self-study CPE training modules were designed by industry leaders, ensuring that with our courses, you’ll be getting the best information. We’re always updating our materials, too, so when you train with us, the knowledge you take away from a CPE Think course will always be current.

A Great Online Experience

You may have taken an online course in the past, and if you have, you’re probably familiar with slow speeds and site crashes. You may have even endured the frustration of a crash in the middle of an exam. At, however, we’ve eliminated the threat of site crashes by adopting mirrored servers, so there’s always another server to take up the slack if one goes down. Our servers are located close to the Internet backbones of both Sprint and MCI, too, which makes our site fast, no matter where you are.

Taking self-study CPE courses with CPE Think is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. We offer a 100-day money back guarantee if your experience with us falls short of your expectations in any way. You get a year to study the course materials and pass the course, and if you need more than one attempt to achieve a passing score of 70% (for most exams), we won’t charge you for additional attempts. Exams are graded immediately, so there’s no waiting around to find out whether or not you’ve earned your CPE credits.

For the self-study CPE experience you’ve been looking for, call CPE Think at (888) 273-0273. To view our large catalog of high-quality self-study CPE courses, visit our website,

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