San Antonio Residents Appreciate the Flexibility of Digital Currencies

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Financial Services

There is a surge of people looking for an Ethereum ATM in San Antonio because they appreciate the flexibility that digital currencies offer. When you get currency from an Ethereum ATM in San Antonio, you are not dealing with a bank. This means that you are able to get access to money without needing to pay the exorbitant fees that banks charge.

Many people are attracted to cryptocurrencies because they are sick and tired of the way that banks treat people. They hate the lack of flexibility that banks offer. It is terrible to think about it, but banks are borrowing money from the federal government using your money as collateral. And banks have tremendous leveraging power. For every single dollar that you put in a bank, they are able to borrow ten dollars from the federal government.

They will pay you penitence of maybe .001 percent interest. But they are making a thousand percent profit on your money. Banks have the audacity to try to charge you money to get access to your money. They charge you money to store your money. And they are cryptic when it comes to answering questions about how your money is being used or how your money can be accessed.

Banks can put a limit on how much of your own money you can get access to at any given time. This lack of flexibility has turned people off of banks and has drawn them to digital currencies.

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