Means of Dealing With an Audit as Requested by the Beloved IRS

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Accounting

The United States Internal Revenue Service regularly carries out audits of both businesses and individuals to make sure that what information they’ve reported in their tax returns are true. According to official IRS statistics, more than one million individual tax returns are carried out each year, at least in each of the past few years. Whether you’ve got something to worry about or not after being selected for an audit, you should follow these tips to improve your chances of getting out of the audit in good shape.

Refrain From Talking When Not Spoken To The Internal Revenue Service’s field agents want as much information about your financial situation as possible. They employ government-taught techniques to make the individuals being audited feel better and ultimately say far more than they need to regarding their taxes. Although you shouldn’t be outright rude to the Internal Revenue Service field agent you deal with, definitely don’t talk unless you’ve been asked something by the field agent.

Avoid Sharing Original Copies of Relevant Documents Even though IRS field agents are obviously interested in the information contained on the supporting documents for your tax return, they’ve been known to misplace or straight-up lose the documents provided to them by people being audited. While field agents don’t actively try to lose your documents as part of their dealings with your tax audit in Billings, MT, they’re likely to. As such, only share copies of original supporting documents with the Internal Revenue Service and its workers.

Always Keep in Communication With the IRS Going as far to assume the tax return that’s being subject to a tax audit in Billings, MT, is loaded with false info and is certain to get you in trouble, you should still keep in contact with the IRS. Never try to duck the pros at the Internal Revenue Service. Like us on Facebook.

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