Key Points to Remember When Using Tablets as POS Systems

by | May 10, 2017 | Financial Services

The increasing popularity and convenience of mobile devices in the business world has shown signs of an inevitable transition to mobile POS systems in brick-and-mortar stores and companies that provide mobile services. The mobile clover point of sale (POS) system is a sleek, handsome POS designed for businesses on the go.

Check Your Budget Constraints

In a perfect world, it would be great to replace all of your POS terminals and registers with high-quality tablets or even smartphones.  Consider the boundaries of your budget and find efficient ways to implement mobile devices into your front-end protocol without breaking the bank to do so, with the mobile Clover POS, your business on the go will greatly benefit this type of payment device.  So it is important to weigh the benefits per the cost.

Security, Security, Security

Another key point to remember is the significance of security when using mobile devices.  Investing a Clover mobile POS that uses cutting-edge software that protect your business and customer data with end to end encryption. Because in 2014 alone, over 2 million Americans became victims of stolen phones, per Consumer Reports

Upgrades and Maintenance are Essential

The device is integrated with all sorts of apps and is designed for fast and reliable transactions each and every time.  It can be used solely in Wi-Fi or with your own data plan. So for businesses that don’t have time to wait, the mobile Clover POS is the device for you.

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