Importance of a Support System For Breast Cancer Patients

by | May 24, 2016 | Financial Services

A breast cancer diagnosis is the start of an incredibly difficult time for the patient. One important way for a patient to manage her diagnosis is to be surrounded by a strong support system. Unfortunately, many women who are diagnosed have family and friends spread out across the country, and may not have the cash available to help those loved ones visit. This is one of the reasons why access to financial aid for breast cancer patients is so vital to managing the illness. A strong support team can help a woman feel cared for, supported, and taken care of during this difficult, vulnerable time.

Psychiatry Isn’t Enough

For many women diagnosed with breast cancer financial assistance can be the different between managing the symptoms and struggling with mental health issues. Often she will seek out psychiatric services to help her cope with the emotional impact a breast cancer diagnosis can have, but psychiatry alone may not be enough. There is a support and strength that one can find in her loved ones that a medical professional simply cannot provide. Having these friends and family nearby when she needs them the most is vital to the ongoing mental wellbeing of someone facing this difficult time in her life.

Loved Ones Can Provide Compassion

As wonderful and caring as physicians are, they are no replacement for the compassion a person finds in their friends and family. Obtaining financial help for breast cancer patients can not only bring her loved ones close to her, but help show appreciation for the compassion and care they provide. When a patient accesses financial help through a cancer financial aid program, she is free to spend those funds however she sees fit, without limitations. This means that if she has had a particularly rough week and wants to thank her support team by sending them out for a nice meal, she can. Providing endless compassion when someone is going through cancer treatments isn’t easy, and having the freedom to thank a support team as a patient thinks is best can make that person feel better about themselves and their difficult situation.

People Who Know A Patient Know When Something Is Wrong

Often when a person receives ongoing treatment for cancer, especially in the later stages, it can have detrimental health affects. Unfortunately, some of these are hard to isolate from the disease itself, making it tricky to know when something is wrong with the treatment. Family and friends will know a person well, and can tell when there are subtle changes in personality, mood, or physical health much faster than physicians can on their own.

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