How to send money to India

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Financial Services

Online remittance refers to the allowance of money transfer from one country to another by registering yourself and initiating the transaction in the host remittance service provider. Most of them have started offering a package of remittance services customized to meet the needs of various customer segments.

In recent years there has been a large-scale migration of individuals to online remittance means from traditional remittance methods. The transparent pricing policy, superior customer service, state of art technology and fast turn-around time has made online remittance service a huge success. The amount is credited to the receiver’s account in two or three working days. Online remittance service provides a quality solution to the customers by deploying internet-based remittance. All said and done, the fact is that online money transfer to India from abroad is a pervasive reality.

The portal also offers tracing money transfers from any country with their centralized transaction processing and a 24-hour customer support. The online remittance portals are a user friendly money transfer trailing service that requires a simple registration process after which one can use the facility at his/her own convenience from the comfort of home or office. The core strength of online remittance service lies with its procedural proficiency in remittances across the border, creating a smooth and satisfying remittance practice to the migrants situated across the globe.

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