Hire a Company to be Your Personal Kickstarter Marketing Agency

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Financial Services

The Internet has many ways to help you promote your business, such as social media, publishing a website, or buying online ads. Now, you can raise money to start a business, help a friend pay their medical bills, or find the funding to make a movie. While raising money through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter can generate millions of dollars, getting the attention needed to raise those types of funds takes a lot of work.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Anyone can raise money through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter for any purpose he or she wants. However, simply putting up a campaign on these sites may not help you raise any money for your cause if you don’t promote it through social media in order to generate interest in your project. Now, you can hire a company to help you raise money for your project, and they will help to promote your cause through various means. For a price, and a cut of the money they help raise, they will act as your personal public relations firm.

These companies will act as a Kickstarter marketing agency and use social media to promote your cause online, and contact outside sources to help raise money as well. They will promote your project to various media outlets, generate a press release, and even get your information listed on several websites to garner the attention you need to raise a significant amount of cash. Without these promotions, it could be difficult to get your cause to be seen, as these crowdfunding sites have thousands of entries on them sorted by category.

Garner Media Attention

You’re probably aware of people who have been able to raise money through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, but they usually have one thing in common: their story drew attention from the media. Even if a business or an individual wasn’t trying to raise money, their story was released in the media, which prompted someone to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help them. In all cases, the attention through the media helped to solicit funds from virtual strangers.

In this way, companies that run crowdfunding campaigns, or that act as your personal Kickstarter marketing agency, will work to get your story out to the public through the media. The type of attention they can garner could help you raise thousands, if not millions, of dollars to fund your project, whether it is to start a business, organize a charity, or produce a film. Many companies offer different levels of services depending on how much you pay for their help. In return, they will guarantee the attention you need to raise the money you need to fulfill your dreams of helping others or getting your inventions to market.

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