Getting Accurate Car Insurance Quotes in Tulsa OK

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Insurance

Getting Car Insurance Quotes in Tulsa OK is an important part of the shopping process, and the accuracy of your quote depends on the information you provide. When you ask for a quote, the insurance company will check your credit history, driving record and other factors before offering you a rate. Whether you’re getting quotes online or through an agent, you should gather certain information ahead of time to avoid surprises. You can click here to read more about the factors used to determine the rate you pay.

Your Driving Record

Recent moving violations or speeding tickets, especially those within the past five years, can greatly affect the premium you pay each month. Check your records (such as payment receipts and canceled checks) to see how long ago you received a citation, or look up your driving record online if your state allows it.

Credit History

Like it or not, your credit score can also play a role in determining the rate you pay for auto insurance. You don’t have to have your score when you’re getting quotes, but most websites ask whether your credit is excellent, good, fair or poor – and they verify your answer. If you aren’t aware of your credit score, get one from a free or paid source.

Your Claims History

Car insurers review your accident and claims history when you ask for quotes. If you’re not sure of your claims history, your CLUE report contains a detailed list, which goes back seven years. Most insurers rate you based on the past three years of your claims history, and you can get a copy of your CLUE report free of charge every year.

Your VIN

To get an accurate quote, you’ll need your car’s model, make and year. You can offer detailed info by providing your car’s vehicle identification number, which tells the insurer everything they need to know, including engine size, transmission and body style.

Submitting accurate and detailed information when getting Car Insurance Quotes in Tulsa OK can help you find a great deal. Some companies have a low base rate, but may charge more for some claims and penalties. Whenever your life circumstances change – such as if you get married, move, or add a driver to your policy, you should re-shop for car insurance, because the insurer that offered you the lowest rate before may no longer be the biggest bargain. Click here to get more info.

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