Forms of Insurance in Naples FL: Are You Covered?

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Insurance

In simple terms, insurance is an arrangement with a company where you pay them regular amounts of money and they agree to cover for your costs, for example, when you are sick or hospitalized, or when your home or automobile is damaged. While insurance can be costly, there are ways an agent can minimize the expense.

An insurer, also known as an insurance carrier, is the party that sells insurance, and the insured, sometimes referred to as the policyholder, is the party that buys insurance policy. An insurance policy is the contract the policyholder receives after buying insurance, and contains conditions under which he or she will be compensated. There are several types of insurance in Naples FL. A sampling of the types are listed below.

Health insurance

This type of insurance covers expenses incurred as a result of medical treatment, and there different categories that fall under health insurance, including medical and dental insurances. Options of obtaining health insurance include buying from private companies or joining an employer’s group insurance program.

Life Insurance

Life insurance benefits your family or other beneficiary of your choosing after a death. It will cover a family’s expenses such as education, mortgage payments, medical bills and funeral costs.

Property insurance

Property insurance provides financial coverage for damages to property or assets due to theft, weather or fire. The source of the damage gives rise to different categories of insurance under property insurance, for instance earthquake insurance and flood insurance.

Credit insurance

This insurance repays some of your loan or all of it under the condition that you are unable to pay. These conditions might include death, disability or unemployment.

Auto insurance

Auto insurance provides you with cover against financial loss caused by an accident involving your vehicle. The coverage includes medical coverage, property coverage and liability coverage. Medical coverage takes care of injury costs and rehabilitation. Property coverage takes care of the car damages or theft, while liability coverage takes care of other parties involved in the accident. It could cover their body injuries or property damages.

To buy the best insurance in Naples FL, always perform a background check on the insurance company. Look at the company’s scope of network, policy structure and their online platform. Also, try to contact some of the people that are insured by Ackerman Insurance Services Inc, and ask about their satisfaction.

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